With FANtium, clubs can involve sports fans in their financing, allowing them to share in their success and forge a new bond with their supporters
Use FANtium to make their sports assets investable for fans.
Structure offering through proven financing instruments.
No setup costs or bank required.
Billion of fans can invest in clubs and teams they believe in.
Access to an asset class typically reserved for high-net-worth individuals.
Participate in the club’s financial or sportive performance.
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Club & FANs.
Together as a team.

Creating a win-win situation for Clubs and Fans
benefits for the Clubs
Access new way of financing
Involve sports fans in your financing by enabling them to participate in success-based offerings
Develop a new digital audience
Attract a new global audience of sports investors and create innovative activation opportunities for your partners
Unlock new revenue streams
Participate in the trading fees generated from the secondary market of your assets
benefits for the FANS
Participate in your passion
Invest in clubs or teams you believe in and benefit from their financial and sporting performance
Access new asset class
Access to an asset class is typically reserved for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.
Enjoy fan perks
Receive exclusive money can’t buy experiences around your favorite team and players.
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How it works for Clubs and Teams
1. Define offer
Club defines the offering. Future revenues, bond, or non-voting equity.
2. Fractionalize offer
The offer is divided into shares, which are represented on the platform by a digital token.
3. Receive funding
Clubs receive investments from fans that are to be invested into the club.
4. Pay out
Club pays out distributions (if agreed) to the invested fans.
Clubs can easily offer exciting fan benefits to increase their appeal
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