Invest in athletes and rise with them

FANtium is the leading platform where FANs can invest in athletes they believe in, connect with them, and share their real-world success.


1 Invest

FANs can invest in professional athletes and up-and-coming talents they believe in and participate in their real-world financial success.

2 Participate

FANs become part of the athlete's close community, with access to exclusive and curated athlete, partner and FANtium benefits.

3 Rise

Invested FANs are entitled to a share of the athlete's real-world earnings for a season or entire career - becoming part of their journey.

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Unite with athletes' passion

Invest in your favorite athletes with just a few clicks, and discover new promising talents with the chance to become part of their journey early on.

  • Invest in your favorite athletes with just a few clicks and get the opportunity to participate in their financial successes

  • Become part of the athletes' close and exclusive community with access to unique real-world and digital FAN perks
  • Discover new athletes and promising talents with the chance to become part of their journey early on


A World
where everyone can own their success

We believe that money should not make the difference between success and failure.

With FANtium, athletes get the opportunity to build a stable financial foundation by tokenizing part of their expected prize money. This allows them to fully concentrate on what is important: their sport.


Got questions? We got you!

What is FANtium?

FANtium is the leading platform for direct athlete support and investment. We give FANs the unique opportunity to connect with their favorite athletes, engage with them and support them through targeted investments. Giving FANs the chance to benefit from the financial success of their athletes. 

How does it work?

Athletes choose the percentage of prize money they want to put up for sale. Furthermore, they can also bundle additional unique FAN perks, real-life experiences. 

Through their investment, FANs participate directly in the financial success of the athlete. The shares are distributed directly from the athlete to the FANs and thus provide a direct connection. The financial payout can be tied to the success of a single season, as well as the overall career success of a talent. Depending on the conditions at which one wants to invest. Any additional FAN perks will be attached to this share. 

FANs can put up their shares for sale on third party NFT marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea). Once it is sold, the new owner will receive the prize money earnings and enjoy the additional benefits that come with it.

If I purchase a share, what do I get? 

Core benefit: Each share represents a percentage of next season’s expected prize money. This share is determined by the tier purchased. In addition, each share is accompanied by a digital artwork and additional FAN perks, determined by each athlete. 

Other benefits: in addition, shareholders receive access to an exclusive gated FANtium Discord community, instant whitelist for our upcoming drops and access to future events. 

The FANtium team is continuously working on adding new high-quality benefits.

How can I pay for the shares?

Payments can be made with crypto, using your own wallet or with credit card. 

What wallets can I use and do I need one?

Any crypto wallet can be used and linked to your account (e.g. Metamask). 

You will not need an existing crypto wallet - our partner will create a custodial wallet for you at the time of purchase.

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