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743 ITF Junior
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150 ATP
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6 years
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Achieved a career high U14 Tennis Europe ranking: #6.
Finished 6th in the 2023 U14 Tennis Europe Junior Masters in Monte Carlo.
Member of the Türkiye U14 National Team in 2023 which reached No. 3. in Winter Cup and No. 2. In Summer Cup team competitions.
Managed by KIN Partners, a leading sports agency around the globe.
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150 ATP
6 years
6 years
150 ATP
6 years
6 years
150 ATP
6 years
6 years
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Mustafa Ege Sik

Hi, I'm Mustafa, 15 years old, from Türkiye. Tennis has been an integral part of my life since I was five, encouraged by my family's love for the sport. My tennis journey has been shaped by my admiration for Roger Federer, pushing me to excel with my right-handed play, however I see myself as a versatile all-court player adaptable and comfortable playing from the baseline and approaching the net. My service stands out as my signature stroke, propelling me to notable achievements early in my career.

In 2023, I made significant strides by winning the Boys Doubles at the TE14 super category XXIX Taça Internacional Maia Jovem in Portugal and reaching the semi-finals in singles at the Open Stade Français. I also had the privilege to represent my country in the U14 Winter Cup and Summer Cup team competitions where we placed No. 3. and No. 2. respectively.

Agency representation: KIN Partners | ITF-Page: Mustafa Ege Sik

12-month goal: Compete at ITF U18 tournaments to elevate my ranking with the goal of competing on junior Grand Slam tournaments.

Biggest win by Ranking

  • Samim Filiz (TE14 #1)
  • Imran Khaitbaew (ITF Junior #394)
  • Tomas Talajka (ITF Junior #559)
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