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My Goal
“My Goal is to Become the World #1”
Game & style
19 | 1.73m
Serena Williams
My tokens
$ 99
150 WTA
6 seasons
150 WTA
6 seasons
150 WTA
6 seasons
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About me

Lucija Ciric Bagaric

I am 19 years old, from  Croatia.

I started playing tennis at the age of 6 and I was in the Top 20 in juniors last year. I've started to transition to the pros and have improved my ranking from 1431 to 256 WTA this year. With FANtium I want to reach my goal of TOP 100 WTA next year and eventually become the number one in the world.

Ranking Highlights: 

  • Current ranking WTA: 256 (career high)
  • WTA Ranking development: 1431 (2021), 546 (2022), 256 (2023)
  • Best ranking ITF: 20 (2022)

Tournament Achievements: 

  • Semi-Finals (Doubles) - French Open Juniors (Jun 2022)
  • Semi-Finals (Doubles) - Wimbledon (July 2022)
  • Champion ITF W15 Iraklio (Nov 2022)
  • 2x Champion ITF W15 Oberpullendorf (Dez 2022)
  • Champion ITF W25 Koge (Aug 2023)

Biggest Win by Ranking:

  • Aliona Bolsova (career high 88) in September 2023

About me
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FANtium is the leading platform for direct athlete support and investments. Athletes sell ownership in their prize money to FANs. FANs get the unique opportunity to connect with their favorite athletes, engage with them and participate in their financial success.

How does it work?

Athletes choose the percentage of money to tokenize as well as additional unique FAN perks such as real-life experiences. Athletes then issue and sell ownership of their prize money to FANs via FANtium's platform in the form of NFTs.

FANs purchase the token directly from the athlete through FANtium's platform and are entitled to a percentage of the athlete's prize money as well as the linked benefits.

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FANs can put up their tokens for sale on third-party secondary marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea). Once sold, the new owner will receive the prize money earnings and enjoy the additional benefits that come with it.

If I purchase a token, what do I get?

Core benefits: (1) Each token represents real-world ownership in the athlete's earnings for a season or career. The ownership share is determined by the tier purchased.

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Other benefits: FANs receive access to an exclusive gated Discord community, instant allowlist for upcoming athlete drops and access to future events.

The team is continuously working with athletes on adding new high-quality benefits.

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Payments can be made via an external wallet (in USDC) or by adding a balance to the newly created wallet using a credit card.