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Invest in athletes or teams with just a few clicks, become part of their community, and own a share of their future success.
"FANtium revolutionizes the sports industry."
"Fans can connect with athletes like never before."
"Fans benefit from the athlete’s real-time and future financial success."
"Athletes can fund their careers by promising investors a share of future earnings."
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Meet our latest athlete, Duje, who is aiming to break into the Top 1000 ATP rankings.
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Invest in the next-gen tennis players. With FANtium, Investors can support tennis players and participate in their future prize money.
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Become a part of our scouting network and start bringing your tennis stars to a platform where they—and you—can truly shine.
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How it works
Invest in sports with only a few clicks and acquire a share of their future earnings.
We support all common payment methods.
Collect your share of the sports earnings and receive payment.
Become part of the team, and gain access to specially curated benefits.

and trade

Invest in athletes through FANtium to own a share of their future earnings. Trade your tokens anytime on a marketplace.

Participate in earnings

Collect your share of the athlete’s earnings. This can be prize money income or other earnings derived from media or sponsorship deals.

Become part of their team

Join the athlete’s close circle and receive access to curated benefits and experiences such as tournament access or a private chat with the athlete.

Athletes. FANs.
Together on the same team.

Connect like never before! A FAN had a 30-minute chat with Dominic Thiem about their dogs and, of course, tennis.

Living the Dream: A Lucky Fan's Unforgettable Journey from the Stands to the Storied Grass of Wimbledon, made possible through FANtium!

It has been quite a journey for our Darja Gold Token holder, Thomas at the AO.

Connect like never before! A FAN had a 30-minute chat with Dominic Thiem about their dogs and, of course, tennis.

Felix Mischker giving an Update

Stay up to date! Felix is sharing regular updates and insights on what is going on behind the scenes with his FANs.

Alexander Bublik signing a shirt

Dress like a tennis pro! Two lucky FANs received an official match shirt worn and hand-signed by Alex.

More than just an investment for our FANs
Our community’s pulse races when our talents work hard for their shared success. Become part of the conversations in our FANtium community.

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We believe that money should not make the difference between success and failure. With FANtium, athletes get the opportunity to build a stable financial foundation by tokenizing part of their expected prize money.

This allows them to fully concentrate on what is important: their sport.

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Dominic Thiem playing Tennis

"A season on the professional tennis tour is costly. Many young players are struggling a lot, especially when their parents cannot afford their career”, says Dominic Thiem.

Built ON passion
Built by people who live for sports
FANtium is more than just a business to us. It is a passion and a lifestyle. We are united by our love for sports, and bring that passion to everything we do. We are athletes at heart.
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Got questions?
We got you!

What is FANtium?

FANtium is the leading platform for direct athlete support and investments. Athletes sell ownership in their prize money to FANs. FANs get the unique opportunity to connect with their favorite athletes, engage with them and participate in their financial success.

How does it work?

Athletes choose the percentage of money to tokenize as well as additional unique FAN perks such as real-life experiences. Athletes then issue and sell ownership of their prize money to FANs via FANtium's platform in the form of NFTs.

FANs purchase the token directly from the athlete through FANtium's platform and are entitled to a percentage of the athlete's prize money as well as the linked benefits.

FANs can claim payout of their share in the athlete's prize money after they have accrued. The financial payout can be tied to the success of an athlete during a single season or the overall career success of a talent.

FANs can put up their tokens for sale on third-party secondary marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea). Once sold, the new owner will receive the prize money earnings and enjoy the additional benefits that come with it.

If I purchase a token, what do I get?

Core benefits: (1) Each token represents real-world ownership in the athlete's earnings for a season or career. The ownership share is determined by the tier purchased.

Season tokens: entitle the holder to a percentage of the athlete's next season’s expected prize money.

Career tokens: entitle the holder to a percentage of the talent's career earnings and optionally commercial revenues for a predefined period of time.

(2) Each token is accompanied by a digital artwork (collectible) and additional FAN perks, such as in real life experiences, determined by each athlete.

Other benefits: FANs receive access to an exclusive gated Discord community, instant allowlist for upcoming athlete drops and access to future events.

The team is continuously working with athletes on adding new high-quality benefits.

What wallets can I use and do I need one?

No wallet is needed. Either, an external digital wallet can be used and linked to the account (currently MetaMask).

Or, a digital wallet will be created when logging in for the first time by our partner.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made via an external wallet (in USDC) or by adding a balance to the newly created wallet using a credit card.

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