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With FANtium you can invest in my professional goals, participate in my real-world success, and connect with me like never before.

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"My goal is to compete on the ATP tour within the top 100"

Felix Mischker

Game and Style

19 years | 1.84m
Andy Murray


Felix is offering ownership in his prize money earnings and media revenue: 10% Prize Money Ownership (until 2032) and 7.5% Media Revenue Ownership (until 2027) together with exclusive FAN-Perks.


About me

2008 - I began playing tennis at the age of 5 and quickly received a place at one of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) High Performance Academies

2022 - After staying in full time education until my A-levels graduation - unlike most of my peers - I decided to focus on tennis full-time and go pro

To support my tennis journey, I created Tennis Brothers media, documenting my road to compete on the ATP tour

2023 - Starting from an ATP doubles ranking of 1615, my focus this season is to climb the ATP singles ranking with the support of my team, my tennis and S&C coach as well as a world class physio

2029 - My goal is to compete on the ATP tour within the top 100
#1 on YouTube
I am the Co-Founder and Director of Tennis Brothers - the #1 independent global media tennis channel by views on YouTube
Viral Content
In 2022 my weekly “Road to 1 ATP Point” YouTube series had on average over 180,000 views per episode
Fast Growing
Tennis Brothers has more than 225,000 fans and subscribers across all social platforms as of right now



Purchase ownership in my future tennis career earnings and media revenue from Tennis Brothers directly from me in the form of NFTs.
As part of my team, you’ll share my real-world financial success, from victories on and off the court, starting this year and throughout my career.
Become part of my close community and continuously engage with my as part of my Team - when I rise and win, everyone in the community rises and wins together.

When I Rise
you Rise

I would love to see you become part of my team in 2023. This year my goal is to climb up the rankings in ATP singles as well as continue to increase my ATP doubles ranking.

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What team
members say

I believe Felix has the potential to go far on the ATP tour. He diligently is focused on his body, curious to find ways to improve day by day.
Khilen  - Physiotherapist
Felix has huge untapped athletic potential – I enjoy working with him to maximize his athletic capabilities.
Daz – Strength’s and Conditioning Coach (Owner of APA Academy)
My role is to help develop Felix’s game technically & tactically, giving him the tools to reach his goals and beyond. I’m excited for what’s ahead!
Ashley Neaves - Performance Tennis Coach
Editing the “Road to 1 ATP Point” series is my most innovating project so far. It shows what’s “behind the curtain” in terms of a Tennis Pro Player playing on the professional tennis tour.
Fabrizio San Biagio – Tennis Brothers Video Editor


Got questions? We got you!

What is FANtium?

FANtium is the leading platform for direct athlete support and investments. Athletes sell ownership in their prize money to FANs. FANs get the unique opportunity to connect with their favorite athletes, engage with them and participate in their financial success.

How does it work?

Felix chooses the percentage of money to tokenize as well as additional unique FAN perks to offer.As a FANs, you can purchase ownership in his expected earnings in the form of an NFT directly from the Felix through FANtium’s platform. You are then entitled to a percentage of his earnings, which can be claimed yearly, as well as the linked benefits for the course of his career.

You can also put up your tokens for sale on third-party secondary marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea). Once sold, the new owner will receive the earnings and enjoy the additional benefits that come with it.

If I purchase a token, what do I get?

Each token represents real-world ownership in Felix career earnings and commercial revenues for a predefined period of time. The ownership share is determined by the tier purchased.Each token gives additional FAN perks to the holder.

As part of Team Felix you this can include a limited edition launch t-shirt, access to a private chat with Felix and his team, a half-day tennis clinic with Felix or box seats for a match.Each token is accompanied by a digital artwork (collectible) and FANs receive access to an exclusive gated Discord community.Sign in to view all FAN perks.

What wallets can I use and do I need one?

No wallet is needed. Either, an external digital wallet can be used and linked to the account (currently MetaMask).

Or, a digital wallet will be created when logging in for the first time by our partner.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made via an external wallet (in USDC) or by adding a balance to the newly created wallet using a credit card.